Coaching & Consultancy

I offer a range of services: coaching, mentoring, advice and consultancy.

In today’s fast changing world, the distinction between these services is getting blurred, which can create confusion and an expectation gap.

So rather than going into a description of each service, I think it much more helpful to set out the fundamental approach underpinning all my work.

  1. Who it is for? – you personally or your organisation
  2. What I’m going to do
  3. How I’m going to do it
  4. What it will cost

Benefits Include

  • Reduced stress

  • Less risk of making the wrong decision, and the disappointment

  • Cut procrastination

  • Save money or make more money

  • Confidence that you’ve made the best decision possible.

Enabling Effective Decision Making

I don’t give tax or personal investment advice which are regulated.
However, I can help you to understand:

  • Why, when and what advice you need so that you can get the best value for money from professional advisors
  • How to go about selecting an advisor that’s right for your needs

In other words, I focus on how to make a good financial decision, rather than giving advice on what the decision should be.

Let’s Talk

To get to know you and the issue you need to resolve.
Together, we’ll understand if and how I can help you.

Call me on 020 7993 8486 or