I’m a great believer that having the right people around you creates value, as well as making business an enjoyable and energising endeavour. As a supplementary support to my clients, I habitually introduce people from my network of contacts. Known suppliers and professionals have helped clients tremendously. So, how could I be of service to you?

  • Get guidance and advice to resolve a specific business concern, raise capital, or grow the business

Perhaps you need to raise more capital or, you’re thinking about retiring and want to make sure that you’ve taken the steps to maximise the value of your business. Drawing on my extensive experience in corporate finance and management consultancy, I provide advice on strategy, business planning, management and operational issues, evaluating buy or sell opportunities. My non-executive director service adds value over a longer period of time, guiding the business as it grows and develops.

  • Deepen your capacity to manage and grow your business through mentoring

Most business owners have to learn very quickly – on the job! A key part of the learning is finding the right people and delegating what you can’t or don’t want to do yourself. Despite this, there can be gaps in knowledge, skills and mindset which cannot easily be filled. Mentoring is a powerful service focussed on developing your skills and inner capacities so your growth keeps pace with the needs of your business. Its central purpose is to increase your confidence and reduce stress.

Do you have an experienced pair of hands you can turn to regularly for support, either as a sounding board or to guide the business forward? Are you confident that you are truly on top of the day to day finances, and that they support your strategic goals? My finance director services may just be the answer – experienced resource without the overhead of a full-time salary.