Finance for Non-Financial People

I make finance accessible, relevant & interesting for people who are not steeped in financial knowledge – through training programmes specifically tailored for the audience.

If you would like to discuss your organisation’s needs, please contact me.

Examples of previous work include:

  • Cranfield University’s MSc in Motorsport Engineering

I taught Financial Management for typically two dozen post-graduates each year. This industry has a lot of passion for the cars and racing itself. One of the reasons the course was established, was to support the commercial viability of firms in the sector by increasing the business and financial skills of successive groups of students going into the sector.

  • Government-sponsored activities for a number of Research Councils

I taught a variety of scientists, on the financial aspects of business plans. This was part of business plan competitions involving several research councils which were sponsored by DTI (Department for Trade & Industry).

  • Russian Trade Union Leaders

When Perestroika was beginning, I ran a course for the leaders of Russia’s twelve largest trade unions, on the financial information needs of a market economy.

  • Romanian Agency for Privatisation

While working at Deloittes, I was involved in writing the manual for the staff of the Romanian Agency for Privatsation, on how to sell small businesses. Subsequently ran workshops to train the staff in valuation methodologies.