In our haste to take on new business, an area that is often overlooked is what it will cost us to service it, in terms of time and energy.

I recently had a coaching client who was hesitating taking on a new customer. She described this person as “a difficult personality”. He kept trying to negotiate her price down, kept changing appointment times and when it came to paying, she felt he was playing games.

Even though she needed the business financially, she accepted that she had a choice whether to take his business. She took the time to clarify what terms would work for her and then communicated them to him with meticulous clarity.

He accepted her terms. Interestingly, he has turned into an ideal customer who has paid in advance for a six-month course of appointments, and has kept each appointment.

Her clarity benefited both of them, creating a win-win result.

And if he hadn’t accepted her terms and taken his business elsewhere, that too would have been a winning outcome for her. It would have freed her time to attract the right clients for her.

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