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How to select a financial advisor or IFA

Financial advisors play a really valuable role in helping you to understand your financial position, create a financial plan and then to make the best of what you have. However, choosing an advisor that’s right for you, is not always straightforward.

The Language of Money

It may be stating the obvious, but numbers are the dominant language of money. If our relationship with numbers is strained, financial decision-making is more difficult.

Why Asking for Money can be challenging

It might surprise you to know how commonplace it is for people to struggle with asking for money. It can be emotionally charged… with feelings of shame, fear of rejection, panic and inadequacy.

Because you’re Worth it

I come across many people who struggle with pricing and asking for money. For professionals, the self-employed, or those working in the caring and creative sectors, the personal nature of what they offer can lead to confusion about self-worth.

The Spirit of Prosperity

Peace and prosperity are, I think, what most people want in some shape or form. Often, one comes at the expense of the other. So how can we get the balance right?

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Pricing for Consultants
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Sections 2 to 6 from Business Bitesize, hosted by the ICAEW

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Published Articles

In the first part of a series of articles, I explain how accountants in practice can optimise their income, but they must make tough decisions.

In the second part of this series of articles for ICAEW, I explain how accountants in business can optimise their income.

In part 3, you’ve done your research, positioned your product and worked out your marketing strategy, but don’t forget about your mindset.