Revenue Optimisation

Revenue Optimisation – Mindset Matters

A strategy, a plan, operational systems, a team and financial resources – these are the fundamentals for business success.

Often overlooked though is the importance of mindset, especially of the business owner or senior management. Your mindset will inform what strategy you think is possible, how well you execute it, and how you enthuse your team and customers. It all shows up in the revenue line.

Through a combination of advice and mentoring, discover how to increase revenue and profitability from your existing customer base by adopting the right mindset and business practices. With the bonus of reduced stress.

WHAT is covered?

  • Pricing – how not to let low self-worth get in the way
  • Negotiation – price isn’t everything
  • Billing – how to accelerate cashflow
  • Collection – sometimes the most painful element
  • Client quality – let’s get honest


  • An understanding of the value of your service
  • New skills to communicate your value to clients
  • Negotiating for a win-win outcome
  • How to educate clients to use you more effectively
  • Ability to say No to unprofitable business

“Working with Surekha completely re-energised me. I have a fresh perspective on the value of the work I do and how it reflects my skills and expertise. Surekha has given me the confidence to convey the value of my work to my clients. I recouped the cost of her programme within weeks, in just a single fee negotiation. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Isabella Segal, partner at Nyman Libson Paul, a London-based Chartered Accountancy firm

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