Strategic Business Advice

It’s sometimes helpful to compare a business with the human life cycle: birth, puberty, marriages, offspring, divorces, serious illness etc. Each stage has its own unique challenges and opportunities.

Setting up a new business, managing growth, acquiring and selling businesses, changing the business model to respond to market conditions and ultimately, realising your investment in order to retire – all these impact the financial and other resources of the business. Some will involve outside parties, like banks, investors, maybe competitors who are buying or selling a business.

Few Owner Managed Businesses have either the technical skills or the market experience inhouse, to meet these challenges from a position of strength.

My Advisory services include corporate finance advice and in some cases, joining the board as a non-executive director.

Corporate Finance

  • Developing Strategy
  • Preparing a Business Plan (or Investment/Sale Memorandum)
  • Preparing a Financial Model
  • Raising Capital
  • Managing the transaction: targeting, negotiating, structuring, project managing, valuation, liaison with lawyers, accountants and other professionals

Click here for case studies on capital raising, offer for sale, start ups.

Non-Executive Director (‘NED’)

An NED is an experienced person, sometimes with a background in one particular skill set eg finance, marketing, technology – who formally joins the board of directors and provides input to the management who make the decisions, but who does not him/herself have responsibility to carry out any decisions.

So an NED is there as an advisor (but unlike a consultant, is ‘inside’ the business), is a sounding board, an objective and independent mind, and a source of valuable contacts.

I have over ten years of experience in this capacity, both with a commercial and not for profit organisations. Click here for a case study.