It may be stating the obvious, but numbers are the dominant language of money. If our relationship with numbers is strained, most likely, it will disempower our relationship with money.

For some, a difficulty with numbers is “hard wired”, as I’ve found with clients who have certain types of dyslexia or attention deficit disorder.

But I’ve also found that our particular culture fosters a more general disconnect with numbers, often leaving them functional and cold.

Numbers are a language of Life itself.

Many cultures have recognised this. The Greeks and Moors used key geometric principles to create architecture of transcendent beauty.

Hindus have used numbers and mathematics to express spiritual truths. Zero was conceived to express the no-thing from which all-that-is appears. Without the resulting digit 0, computer programming and the modern digital world would not exist.

The Fibonacci sequence is found throughout nature, as in the rate at which rabbits multiply and seashells grow!

To see the language of money in the same context as high art, deep spirituality and the face of nature, brings us closer to seeing money as an expression of the life force itself.

As you come across numbers today, why not be curious about what they invoke. What’s the feeling about them – is it dead or alive? Is there warmth or rejection? How does this spill over into how you see money?