I was recently asked why my work focuses on money, rather than prosperity. It’s a reasonable question!

I find that often, when people talk about prosperity, they really mean money – a steady flow of money, or enough money not to worry about the future…

Having money doesn’t guarantee a sense of prosperity, of course. Prosperity is much more than just about money and it’s important to actively appreciate the many ways in which our lives are enriched, and which may cost nothing.

But without money, prosperity is well nigh impossible in the society we live in. So it’s a crucial component of prosperity. To my mind, without addressing money directly, prosperity is often ungrounded.

Once financial prosperity is achieved, it doesn’t stop there. Wealth creates its own challenges. For example, a well-known adage is that family wealth often doesn’t survive three generations.

So ultimately, it’s our relationship with money that determines whether or not it plays a constructive role in our lives…not just the presence or absence of it.

My work has developed in response to rich questions like the subject of this article. Questions come up in individual sessions and my Talks, which are so often of interest and value to others. If there’s a particular question about money that’s puzzling you – please email it to me. I’d love to draw on these in future articles.